The one thing that Trump has managed to keep in-tact so far in his young Presidency is the conservative base.  They’ve waited patiently for the President they thought they’d hoped for to put some conservative policies in action and through Congress.  He’s given them very little to be hopeful, and with the departure of Steve Bannon this week (or last week, or 14 days ago, nobody’s really sure), there may be a crack in the conservative coalition that brought him into office.

In my post yesterday about Bannon’s White House departure, I mentioned I thought that this firing would likely hurt The Commander-In-Chief more than it’d help him.  Now, Conservative hero Allen West has published a new post on his website,  and he doesn’t’ seem to be too happy with who Trump is surrounding himself with now.

In the piece, West says

The outward appearance and perception, is that the swamp has won and President Trump will move further away from what enabled him to pull off an incredible upset victory.

This should send a very ominous message to the President Of The United States.  The conservative are the only constituency still solidly behind President Trump.  If he looses them, he’s going to be Paralyzed.  Buttoned in by the left and hung out to dry by the right.  The left talks about impeachment a lot, but I bet President Trump fears all the influence he’s earned through the years vanishing a lot worse than being kicked out of office. At least with impeachment, he could go back to New York and make some money.  If West’s latest post isn’t just a one-off before a string of conservative  victories, he might be stuck in a dead-end job with little real power until at least 2021.

Being a lame duck President for 3 years isn’t what Trump signed up for, I’m sure.

Read all of Allen West’s post here –

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