Bet On Best Actor 2018 Oscars

2018 oscar best actor favorites
2018 oscar best actor favorites

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It’s true you can bet on best actor at the 2018 Oscars.  The nominations aren’t even being announced until January 23rd, and online bookmaker are already placing odds on who will win the coveted Oscar.  Although there’s a favorite among best actor potential nominees, the voting hasn’t begun yet and there’s till a lot of time for crazy things to happen.

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, we want to make sure you understand that the earlier you get into the wager, the better odds you’re going to get. Odds will tighten as the Academy Awards get closer, and by oscar night, they’ll be no room to maneuver.  Especially If you’re betting a long shot, getting in early could mean the difference between hundreds of dollars.

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If you’re looking for a way to become a more direct participant in the Entertainment event of the year, there’s nothing like a wager.  That will make Oscar night exciting.  Drinking Games are a tradition during the ceremony.  That stuff is for kids.  Let the real money ride, and make it a really exciting evening with the stars.

Best Actor 2018 Odds Explained

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Gary Oldman is the favorite for the 2018 Best Actor nod, and online gaming house BetOnline has placed the odds at -325 odds (as of December 11th, 2017). This means they think there’s a 36.47% chance he’ll win.  Since the chances are high, you’ll only win $30 for every $100 you wager.  A bet on Gary Oldman for Best Actor is relatively safe, with a minimal return potential.

If you think Daniel Day Lewis’ performance in Phantom Thread is oscar worthy and bet that the members of the Academy will agree with you, that same $100 bet would yield a $500 return (+500 odds) if Lewis wins the Oscar.   A bet on Lewis is much riskier, however the potential return is huge.  The bigger the risk, they larger the reward.

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If it takes a little more action to wet your whistle, try one of the long-shots.  With both James Franco and Jake Gyllenhaal both sitting at +1600, they’re two of the most credible long shots being talked about for a potential win.

Bet On Best Actor: 2018 Oscar Edition

Without question, the best place to bet on best actor awards for U.S. players is at BetOnline.  They are a safe place to wager.  They’re 100 percent legit.  Best part is, they offer great odds on the Best Actor winner in 2018.  BetOnline takes American Credit Cards and bitcoin, and of course they allow U.S. based players to participate.  While many online sportsbooks offer entertainment props, most legitimate ones don’t allow U.S. Players.  Bet Online does.  You can read our BetOnline detailed review here or better jet, click here to join BetOnline now and pickup a great bonus on your first deposit.

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