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It is actually possible to bet on Trump Impeachment if you live in The United States.  One thing to consider before you get ready to wager on Trump’s impeachment is the odds.  Another thing to contemplate  is the possibility of future calamity.  Or a political turn-around for that matter.   Honestly the most important factor to consider is timing.  In this post, I’ll try to guide you in the right direction.  I’ll update the odds  often.

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I’m breaking this post down into 3 separate parts.  They are:

  1. Trump Impeachment Odds
  2. Other Impeachment Betting Options
  3. Where To Bet On Trump Impeachment
  4. Sign-up Instructions on

First, let’s look at the odds.  If you’re betting on Trump’s impeachment, this is cornerstone of your decision. Here are the odds on Trump Impeachment at our top 3 recommended sites.

Our Recommended  Sites To Bet On Trump Impeachment

#1 Trump Impeachment Odds

One thing I’m starting to see happen with the Impeachment odds for President Trump is a quicker decent of odds that would see President Trump remain in office through his first term.  Believe it or not, the bookmakers in Las Vegas have given  a 45%  chance of Trump’s Impeachment. If you wager, $1000  at Bovada that President Trump will be Impeached by The House Of Representatives, and win, you’ll still win pretty big.  In fact, a $1000 bet on Trump Impeachment will earn you $833.33 in pure profit if an impeachment vote is ratified.

Odds are Fluid, Timing Counts

The odds are a  flowing set of numbers that fluctuate based on the latest news, polls and overall feeling on President Donald Trump.  If you do make the ultimate decision to bet on Trump Impeachment, you’ll need to make a quick decision on when the best time is to place your wager.  Remember, if you wait to long, you’re odds may not be as good as they are now.  Think about how short of a long-shot these odds are.  Do you think they’ll improve if more news is released regarding Russian Collusion?  Will other forces cause a quick indictment from The House so a Senate trial could convict quickly. Odds on Trump impeachment change often.

History Could Be Your Guide

Back in 1974, the wheels of justice began to really move toward an ultimate impeachment once Nixon lost the support of his party in Congress.  Donald Trump has never had the Republican’s real support in either chamber, and some might even be waiting for any excuse to break the proverbial camel’s back.

#2 Other Impeachment Betting Options

Some of the better odds, and propositions that Sportsbooks are offering related to removal from office are not directly tied to official proceedings.  Odds on Trump impeachment may not be your best bet right now. Consider alternative options.  Long-shots. All bets should be an educated wager.  Let’s look at some propositions currently being offered at our favorite Sportsbooks.

Bet On Trump Impeachment at Bovada

You aren’t just wagering in a legitimate sports book when you place a bet at Bovada, you’re also wagering at a site with more choices than most.  Because of this diversity of choice, you’re a lot more likely to find a proposition that matches up with your preferences.  For example, you don’t have to just bet on Trump Impeachment. At Bovada, you can bet on whether Trump Will Resign.  Another  great prop is who will win the 2020 Presidential Election and if Kid Rock will win a Michigan Senate seat. Bet $100 at Bovada and Trump is convicted by The Senate; you’ll pocket $450 (including your original wager). Join Bovada.

Trump Impeachment To The 4th Degree At is another reputable sports book that offers Political betting.  Of course, much of those propositions revolve around whether to bet on Trump Impeachment in some curious ways.  Possibly the most interesting bet they offer relates to the 25th amendment of the Constitution.  That’s right, if the Vice President and a majority of the cabinet decide that President Trump is not capable of performing his duties, they can have him removed.  Of course, this could be only a temporary fix.  The bet counts if section 4 is invoked.  Bet $100 on Pence using the 25th Amendment to remove Trump, and you’ll win $220 and recoup your wager.  Join 

Bet On Self-Impeachment At

First off, I think the better bet is that Trump will not be impeached.  He is, in my opinion, much more likely to resign.  Secondly, +500 is the biggest long-shot in the bunch.  Considering how likely Trump is to bail in lieu of an embarrassing trial, this prop is my dark-horse. Just like the other recommended sites, is a legitimate betting site that’s safe and accepts American players.


#3 BetOnline Is Your Best Bet On Trump Impeachment is hands down the best place to bet on politics.  First off, you’ll get the most diverse set of Propositions anywhere online.  Because of that diversity, it will be easier to find the right bet for you.  You can also count on BetOnline’s world-class customer service. They accept credit cards and bitcoin.  Don’t forget about all the different games you can play while you’re waiting on your political bet to complete.  With an overall experience that can’t be beat, Betting Trump recommends BetOnline for any politically related wagers.

Step 1: Sign-up

It’s really easy to sign-up at Bovada.  In order to get started, you’ll need to create your account.

Here’s a video showing navigating on BetOnline.  It’s really nothing that special, but some people need to see it visually.

Here are more specific instructions in case you decide to go with Bovada instead of BetOnline.

Click this link to go to  Next, look at the top right gray bar that says join.  Click It

bet on trump impeachment at bovada 1

That will take you to the sign-up form.  You enter your information here

bet on trump impeachment bovada enter information

Once you’ve created and activated your account (you may need to confirm through your email), you’re ready to make a deposit. You can make as little as a $20 deposit to start off with, but remember, the first deposit bonus only works once, so make it count.  To make a deposit, click on the red button on the top bar of the Bovada website

bet on trump impeachment bovada deposit

When you click the deposit button, you’ll get a new screen allowing you to choose a currency.  You can use credit cards or bitcoin.

bet on trump impeachment bovada currency

Choose your preferred currency and enter the information.

bet on trump impeachment bovada currency 2

The final screen will be where you’ll enter the card information. Once you click deposit, your account will be billed and you’re ready to bet on Trump Impeachment.

bet on trump impeachment deposit final


Once you’ve made your deposit, you’ll likely be directed to the previous page you were on.  From there you can start making bets on whether or not President Donald J. Trump will be impeached.

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*Odds as of August 24th, 2017. Please click Bet Now for the most up to date odds on each respective site.

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