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Are you ready for a Royal Wedding

As soon as Prince Harry proposed to American Actress Meghan Markle, betting sites in the U.K. and beyond began to offer wagers for the latest Royal Wedding.  If you want to bet on the royal wedding from The U.S. however, it isn’t as easy. That’s okay, Betting Presidents is here to give you the skinny on where to find the best Royal Wedding betting odds, and where to place your wager

Unfortunately, many online sportsbooks (where betting websites categorize entertainment propositions) don’t allow American players.  There are a few that do, and our # most recommended online gaming house for entertainment wagerings is BetOnline.  They’re 100% legitimate and safe to play, and BetOnline.ag will allow credit card deposits.  We’ll talk more about BetOnline below

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Now let’s take a minute to look at the current betting odds for the Royal wedding.

Royal Wedding Betting Odds

Here’s a sample of the bets that BetOnline is currently offering for you to bet on the Royal wedding

  • Which Suits Cast Member Will attend The Royal Wedding?
  • At What Location Will Prince Harry Have His Bachelor Party
  • Who Will Attend The Wedding Ceremony
  • What’s The Name Of Harry’s Best Man
  • Who Will Design Meghan’s Wedding Dress
  • Which Artist Will Perform At The Wedding
  • Will It Rain On Wedding Day
  • Is Meghan going to Announce Pregnancy Before Wedding
  • Will Meghan Announce Pregnancy in 2018

Here’s a screenshot of the Royal Wedding Betting Odds offered as of December 3rd, 2017. Click the image to find the most up-to-date odds.

bet on royal wedding odds
Click the photo for the most up-to-date odds

So what do the odds mean?  If you want to bet on the Royal wedding, this is important.  You’ll want to know how much you win if you bet correctly.  Lets take the prop for Suits cast members to attend the wedding.  If you bet $100 on Patrick Adams, for example, you’ll win $1800 if he attends the ceremony.  You’ll also get your initial $100 bet back, so you’ll take home $1900. Rick Hoffman, who plays Louis on Suits, is the long-shot.

(Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage)

To give you another example, lets say you think that the Royal Family insists that President Trump attend the wedding. If you wager $100 that he’ll be present, and he makes it, you’ll win $5000 (plus your initial $100 bet).  That would be a Huuuge return on your investment, believe me.  If on the other hand, you think Serena Williams will be there when Harry and Meghan tie the knot, that same $100 bet will win you $5.

The bookies seem to think that Markle’s love-interest on the show, Patrick Adams, has the best shot at making the wedding.  That same $100 bet on Adams will yield you’ll only win $2 plus your initial bet.  You can invest that money in a CD and make that kind of return.  BetOnline and most other online sportsbooks have an odds calculator to help you pick the right bet.

How To Bet On The Royal Wedding

Betting Presidents is very picky about who we recommend to readers, and of the few sportsbooks that we advocate, BetOnline.ag is the only U.S. friendly sportsbook offering propositions allowing you to bet on the Royal wedding.  Because of their over a decade of gaming experience, BetOnline is a great place to wager on Entertainment, Politics, Current Events and more.  They have a full fledged online casino complete with a great slots selection and they even offer a sportsbook.

We recommend BetOnline because of their highly rated customer service, as well as personalized technical support when needed.  Since they’re a 100% safe and legitimate online gaming house, you don’t have to worry about them keeping your money when you win. They will pay you when you win, and they will answer your support tickets.

BetOnline has built an extremely well-rounded business that is the envy of most online gaming houses.

The biggest drawback to BetOnline.ag is their navigation.  It can be difficult to find some of the less popular bets, including entertainment, in which category Royal Wedding Betting odds is a part of.  That’s why we have prepared a very short video on how to find the entertainment section of the website

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The World Will Catch Royal Wedding Fever

Before the ceremony is planned, ladies and gentlemen from the world over are going to fall in love with the newest Royal couple.  Markle’s story is impressive and Harry is the Son and Brother of a future King of Britain, his Grandmother the reigning Queen.  Markle will not look like any Princess in Royal history, and the wedding is going to be the headline on every media outlet in the world.  Little girls will want to grow up to be like Princess Meghan and boys like Prince Harry.

The Royal Wedding will be one of the most bet-on events of the year, and you have a chance to get in while the odds are still good.  As the date gets closer, the Royal Wedding betting odds are going to get tougher.  We’ll know before too long how the wedding is being setup and from there guest lists will start to leak out.  Once that happens, odds will go crazy, and they might even pull all Royal wedding bets off their sites (like they did with Trump Impeachment earlier this year).

Bottom Line is, if you want to bet on the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the best time to do it is right now. Sign Up With BetOnline Now

Introducing Prince Harry and Princess Meghan

Well, we’re not quite there yet.  As far off as it seems however, the date will arrive quickly.  Entertainment networks will travel to London to cover the event.  All the world’s News organizations will descend on the location of the ceremony and talk to the locals about the couple.  Rings will be exchanged.  Vows will be promised.  Great Britain will cheer and the world will watch it all happen on TV.

Despite the goodwill, Americans may feel a little left out on the actual wedding day.  For instance, U.S. Citizens are loosing a citizen, and we don’t have a Royal Bloodline.  We have a chance of feeling left out.  Now you have an outlet that will help you feel like you’re a small part of Harry and Meghan’s big day.  Wager on what dress she’s going to wear or who Prince Harry will choose as his best man.

Make sure whatever you do, that you bet responsibly and choose the right sportsbook.  With BetOnline.ag you can’t go wrong.

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Photo By BBC

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