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Bet On State Of The Union Address

bet on the state of the union address

Bet On The SOTU

Did you know you can actually bet on the State Of The Union address? It’s true, you can wager on everything from the color of Ivanka Trump’s dress to whether or not President Trump will mention “Fake News”.  Whether you think Trump is the best, or worst President ever, tonight could be the night that the Trump Administration gives you get some of that wealth that’s being spread around.  The State Of The Union is a big deal. For me, however, the big deal is that you can bet on State Of The Union address and the pomp that goes along with it

My favorite website for any political betting is Bovada and as of right now, they have some really interesting propositions available for betting on the State Of The Union Address.  Here’s some of the props available for the SOTU at Bovada right now

  • What Color Will Trump’s Tie Be?
  • What Color Will Ivanka’s Dress Be?
  • What Will Be The Average Viewership For The SOTU?
  • Will Trump Mention Fake News?

Bet now with the best betting odds on the SOTU– Get a bonus here.

If you want to bet on State Of The Union Address, your best bet is Bovada.  Bovada has been in the online wagering industry for more than a decade, and they have an impeccable record of paying out, and offering fair propositions.

Bovada: Bet On State Of The Union And More Political Wagers

Bovada not only has wagers available for the SOTU, they regularly offer political propositions to their members, and Betting Presidents ranks Bovada as the highest rated political betting website that allows U.S. players.

If you think President Trump will be wearing a blue tie at the address, and you’re willing to bet $100, you’ll win $230 (including your original wager).  Considering blue is traditionally the color of the Democratic Party in The United States, this might seem unlikely. However, he is said to be taking a more inclusive tone tonight.  Trump, of course, is anything but traditional, so if you want to put $100 on blue, the payout would be huuuge.

I can’t make the bet for you. Only you can decide whether or not you wager on The State Of The Union address.  If you do, however, I will recommend you wager with Bovada.  Sign up for bovada now for all your political betting needs.

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