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Why British People Are Betting On Trump’s Impeachment


Vice is a great place to learn new information from a younger person’s point of view. I describe Vice as the Frontline for the millennials.  I’ve seen them produce pieces that take on drug legalization and Libya and they’re always presenting a point of view that is at least worth listening to.

In this video, Vice explores more than just a bet on Trump impeachment, but also a good overview of a budding political betting industry.  It’s  a quick growing past-time that could be nearly as popular as sports betting one day.  Evidently, the British are eating political betting up over there.

There are a lot of British betting on Trump impeachment, but there are only a few gambling houses that allow betting on politics from U.S. residents.  If the British can wager on whether my President should be impeached, dad blame it, why can’t I?

Not to get too political, but the gambling laws in The United States need to change. Maybe the British shouldn’t be betting Trump Impeachment, but what’s crazy is that they can and I can’t.

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