Bet On Best Actor 2018 Oscars

It’s true you can bet on best actor at the 2018 Oscars.  The nominations aren’t even being announced until January 23rd, and online bookmaker are already placing odds on who will win the coveted Oscar.  Although there’s a favorite among best actor potential nominees, the voting hasn’t begun yet and there’s till a lot of […]

Bet On The Royal Wedding : Royal Wedding Betting Odds

As soon as Prince Harry proposed to American Actress Meghan Markle, betting sites in the U.K. and beyond began to offer wagers for the latest Royal Wedding.  If you want to bet on the royal wedding from The U.S. however, it isn’t as easy. That’s okay, Betting Presidents is here to give you the skinny […]

2018 Oscar Betting Odds

Here at Betting Presidents, we love Politics, but we have a special place in our hearts for what we call politics for pretty people.  I’m talking about acting and the Academy Awards.  The virtual Presidential election of acting is the hottest night for Hollywood, and like everything else that’s popular, people are placing wagers.  In […]

POLL: Cowboys Vs Falcons – Week 10 – Who Wins?

Most of the oddsmakers in Vegas, and around the world are picking Dallas (+3) to beat The Falcons, but it’s not a long-shot that the Dirty Birds will win.  With Julio Jones set to start on Sunday, The Falcons could have a huge boost in not only momentum, but add another target for the lately […]

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