Could North Korea Save Trump’s Presidency?

If Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump really are in the middle of a pissing contest on steroids, does that mean he thinks that a war, (or at least the threat of war) with North Korea could save his Presidency? It honestly might just be his best bet at keeping his job.  At least for […]

Who will be elected German Chancellor in 2017?

On September 24th, 2017, Germans will go to the polls and elect a new government.  As one of the most powerful nations in Europe, and the world, for that matter, the election will be watched worldwide If you’re an American, the initial look at the German Party system may be daunting, if not confusing.  That’s […]

Will Nicolas Maduro be President of Venezuela on Jan 1, 2018?

When President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela held elections on Sunday to vote out a National Assembly that opposed his policies, the South American Nation has erupted into violent protests.  The election has elicited a strong response from leaders worldwide, who say that the latest power grab from Maduro have erased what little bit of democracy was […]

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