Trump Impeachment Odds

*Updated 11/28/2018 In January 2019, The Democrats will control the House of Representatives.  As a result, we’ll likely see Trump Impeachment Odds increase over the next year.  There’s a fairly good chance, we’re going to see the odds continue to increase as a Democratic lead House starts investigating President Trump. Don’t think for one minute […]

Allen West Lays Out His Bannon Departure Theory, And It Sends an Ominous Message For Trump’s Presidency

The one thing that Trump has managed to keep in-tact so far in his young Presidency is the conservative base.  They’ve waited patiently for the President they thought they’d hoped for to put some conservative policies in action and through Congress.  He’s given them very little to be hopeful, and with the departure of Steve […]

Here’s Why It Doesn’t Matter That Bannon’s Out At The White House

President Obama had Axelrod, and W. had Karl Rove.  Clinton had James Carville and President George H. Bush had Lee Atwater.  They were the guys that were supposed to be the power behind the Presidency, lurking around the outskirts, playing political chess to try and  stay one step ahead of Congress, the press, and sometimes […]

Judge: Benghazi Emails Must Be Produced

When Hillary Clinton lost the election last year, I bet she thought her Benghazi troubles were over. Yesterday, U.S. District Court Judge Amit Mehta ruled that the U.S. State Dept had not done enough to locate then Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton’s emails discussing the matter, Politico reports. Conservative leaning Judicial Watch has sued for more […]

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