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Flynn Pleads Guilty; Mueller Ends Russia Investigation

trump and flynn

Trump And Flynn Together During the 2016 campaign – John Locher/AP Photo

When Michael Flynn pleaded guilty this past week to lying to the F.B.I.,  he became the final casualty in the fake news Russia scandal.  Sure, he pled to a minor  crime, when he has admitted to committing more substantial crimes, but he plead guilty and it’s over.  Us Progressives need to admit finally that there’s no collusion in the Russian fake new scandal, and it’s time to get back to prosecuting Hillary Clinton for using the wrong computer to check her emails.

Of course, Flynn has admitted that he’s cooperating with Special Prosecutor Mueller’s investigation.  Who else would be helping Mueller? It’s obviously a sign that Mueller is wrapping up his investigation, and probably needs help carrying some of his fake indictments out to his car so the former F.B.I. head can leave town.  Michael Flynn’s a stand up guy, he’s just toting some binders for Mueller at this point, now that the investigation is complete.

trump pointing at flynn

President Trump And Michael Flynn. BFFs til the end.

Sure, Michael Flynn lied about Russian Contacts.  So did Don Jr.  So did Jared Kushner.  So did George Papadopoulos.  So did Jeff Sessions.  So did Paul Manafort.  So did Rick Gates.  So did J.D. Gordon.  So did Roger Stone.  So did Michael Cohen.  So What?  Hardly any of them have been indicted, or plead guilty. It’s not like there’s a pattern of Trump’s lackeys lying about Russian Contacts. I didn’t even write the first few sentences in this paragraph.

The word collusion is not in The Constitution, so none of it matters anyway.  Why isn’t it totally fine for Republicans to lie to commie F.B.I. agents?  I heard that one of the main investigators donated to Hillary’s cousin’s campaign 10 years ago, so this whole investigation was obviously rigged from day 1.

I get it, President Trump pulled off the most lopsided victory in U.S. History, especially if you don’t count California, and I’m mad.  I’ve been unreasonable.  I’ve spent some time in my safe space, and I’ve decided conservatives had it right all along.

It would be ridiculous to assume that since Flynn copped to a lesser charge in order to help the Special Prosecutor that he’s turned on Trump. I’m not sure how you get there.

President Trump said himself that he’d never met Vladimir Putin.  Watch the video, video doesn’t lie (except for the parts that report to have Trump say he’d met the Russian leader that’s fake news).

If you’re buying this, I’ve got a middle-class tax cut I’d like to sell you.  It’s going to hurt President Trump’s bottom line; believe me.



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