President Obama had Axelrod, and W. had Karl Rove.  Clinton had James Carville and President George H. Bush had Lee Atwater.  They were the guys that were supposed to be the power behind the Presidency, lurking around the outskirts, playing political chess to try and  stay one step ahead of Congress, the press, and sometimes The American People.  Since the advent of politics, there’s always been the guy behind the scene that’s supposed to be the real power in the campaign and in office.  Sometimes its true, but I don’t think anyone who’s been paying attention to American Politics doubt’s who’s driving the Trump train, and has been doing so the entire time.

Some may think that things will get easier for Trump with his top instigator gone.  The types of things that have made Donald Trump either the most loved And loathed person on the political scene in my lifetime (and that’s saying a lot), aren’t going to change.

Trmp didn’t start being the Donald Trump we see on Twitter, on our news channel, everywhere these days, when he hired Breitbart Executive Director Bannon to become the C.E.O. of his 2016 campaign.  He’s not going to stop being Donald trump now that he’s gone either.

With Axelrod and Rove and all the other top operatives, there was always a question about how much influence they had on policy.  With Bannon, it should be obvious.  While Steve Bannon may have helped shape the delivery of the official message, the decisions have belonged to President Trump, and Trump alone.

Bannon didn’t earn then Candidate Trump millions of dollars in free airtime in 2016.  That was happening long before Steve Bannon joined the Campaign.

I’d be willing to bet it’s highly possible that Bannon’s presence restrained The Commander In Chief’s  delivery.  Now that the man who might have been able to help Trump find the sweet spot between angering the base, and angering Congress to the point where they want him gone, all his filters may be gone.

Of course, with Bannon out of such a high profile role, and other aides vying for attention off Bannon’s back, Trump might actually get to hear Bannon’s take on the politics of things more than he did when he had an office down the hall. It’s definitely easier to sneak a phone call to New York than it would be to walk into his West Wing office without Ivanka and Jared noticing.

So what is really going to happen if you’re a White House staffer, now that Bannon’s out at Pennsylvania Avenue?

Meet your old boss.  Same as the old boss.

Steve Bannon Documentary

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