Is President Trump Killing Republican 2018 Odds?

trump 2018 odds

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Republican 2018 election odds in Vegas have been dropping lately, and if you ask any establishment Republican, they’ll tell you it’s all Trump’s fault, and that he’s killing Republican 2018 Odds.  Is it though?

Trump can’t sign legislation that doesn’t reach his desk.

The President, by any standard, has at the very least tied a record in his first year.  Fewest number of vetoes.  In fact he’s not used the veto pen once since his 2017 inauguration.  Although The President has stated otherwise, his 96 signed laws isn’t the highest number of laws signed by a President in his first year.  Not even close.  It is not, however because President Trump was using his veto pen. He’ll sign anything.

The Senate Is Actually Causing Republican 2018 Odds To Drop

The only person a Trump fan hates more than Hillary Clinton is Mitch McConnell. He’s a modern Benedict Arnold for the Trumpians for some reason.  Of course, ever bill that Trump has signed has been pretty much hand-crafted by the Senate Majority Leader. Trump’s fandom doesn’t know or care this fact.  They just hate McConnell, because The President told them to.

Both McConnell and Paul Ryan are taking their fair share of blame for a lackluster legislative performance in 2017, but McConnell especially  has had trouble rallying the Republican troops to get even simple sounding bills like repealing ObamaCare through his chamber.  What we’ve seen in the Senate in 2017 was the closest to open rebellion we’ve seen in the Upper house since the Civil War.  Not only did McConnell not get John McCain’s vote for the ObamaCare repeal, he DIDN’T EVEN KNOW McCain wasn’t voting for it.

Will A Blue Tide Crash Into 2018 And Change The government layout?

It’s reasonable to assume that the Democrats will pickup seats in the House.  The Senate is going to be harder to move.  With a limited legislative stat sheet, they may not get the Trump turnout they enjoyed in 2016.  People that came out to vote for Trump for the first time in decades aren’t going to be driven to the polls in 2018 without their man on the ballot.

What that means is that no Trump isn’t dragging down the 2018 odds for Republicans.  The Senate’s unpopularity, especially among Trump supporters is the real reason we may see Republicans odds of winning in 2018 decline steadily this year.

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