This Liberal Wants Trump To Build The Wall

I agree with President Trump that we need to build a wall.  I’m even totally fine if he wants to build it on the Mexican Border.  Chant with me; “Build The Wall, Build The Wall, Build The Wall!”.  So why does this liberal want Trump to build a costly wall along the border?

It’s a government jobs programs.  It’s the same kind of thing one of my favorite Presidents, F.D.R., did when he was President. It would put people to work.

Of course the wall isn’t going to keep anybody out of our country.  When I talked about the wall with my then 6 year old boy, he asked, “Can’t they just use a boat or dig under it?”  Yes Son, but don’t tell President Trump.  He doesn’t like being challenged by someone with superior intellect.

Oh, yeah, and there’s this

Seriously, how tall would they have to build a wall to keep you out? 50′.  Would you give up and stay out if it was 200′?  If I was in Mexico and wanted to get myself any my family into The United States.  You could build a wall that reaches into space, and I guarantee you I’d get here somehow.

Back to my point.  Building the wall could be a great jobs programs. It could help train thousands for careers in the construction industry, and help provide even more with health coverage.

Once we’re done building the wall, lets build some roads. Fix some roads.  Work on the infrastructure.  Trump could accidently ignite a 2nd new deal.  He likes deals. I’ll even call it the HUUUUge deal if it will get Trump on board.

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