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Why This Pro-Life Liberal Won’t Vote For The Pro-Life Party

My friends know I’m one of a few  pro life liberals around, I’m pretty open about it.  As a progressive in most other matters (I’m also pro 2nd amendment), I catch a lot of hell about my opposition to legalized abortion regularly.  It’s hard for them to reconcile how someone that believes in medicare for all, a $15/hour minimum wage, tax increases on the ultra-wealthy and most other progressive value check-marks can support a pro-life position

My conservative  friends want to know why I won’t vote for Republicans.  The Republicans want to end legal abortion, they say.

No, they do not.  They’ve had chances before and not taken them, and it’s going  to happen again. And again.

Since the G.O.P. now controls the White House, both houses of Congress and the Supreme Court, it would be reasonable to believe that they’ll be putting all their energy into outlawing abortion.  Since Congress has enough votes to push it through,a President to sign it, and a Supreme Court that will likely uphold it, it should be a done deal.  They can’t just ignore abortion now that they actually have a chance to end it.

It’s one of the biggest reasons many of my conservative friends vote Republicans.  It’s their biggest issue.  Getting the economy working after the Great Recession and healthcare was The Democrat’s top priority during the 2009 Presidential Election.  President Obama was elected and immediately went to work getting a stimulus passed and The Affordable Care Act through.  Conservatives will argue that neither worked, but President Obama did follow-through.

The Republican party, however doesn’t seem to be as hyped up to end Abortion as The Democrats were when they gained power.

Except for Benghazi, email-gate, the Clinton Foundation, middle-class tax cuts, ending Obama Care, ending net neutrality, allowing ISPs to sell our data, threatening North Korea, Fusion GPS, Pizza Gate, illegal immigrants, all the jobs coming back to America, whether or not Mika had plastic surgery, the body position of professional athletes during the National Anthem, ending transgenders in the military, the Muslim ban, conceal and carry reciprocity, how dumb snowflakes are and ending the Dreamers program, it’s all they’ve been talking about.

So why won’t the Republicans go ahead and get a bill to President Trump?  It’s simple.  If Abortion was ended tomorrow, how would they get their voters to the poll. Where would they do to get conservatives excited about voting for Republicans.  That’s right, they’d loose the issue, and energize pro-choice liberals around the country like nothing else we’ve ever seen.

That’s right, Republicans don’t really want to end abortion, because they want to stay in power.  They aren’t going to take one for the pro-life movement; they’d rather keep their seats, keep their base, and make sure they get their guys out to vote every 2 years.


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