Bet On The Texas Senate Race

Some of the biggest news in the 2018 election cycle has revolved around perennial red-State Texas.  Believe it or not, the Texas Senate election is as close as its been in a generation.  Worldwide betting houses are getting into the action, and maybe even you want to bet on the Texas Senate race.  Whether you’re rooting […]

Is President Trump Killing Republican 2018 Odds?

Republican 2018 election odds in Vegas have been dropping lately, and if you ask any establishment Republican, they’ll tell you it’s all Trump’s fault, and that he’s killing Republican 2018 Odds.  Is it though? Trump can’t sign legislation that doesn’t reach his desk. The President, by any standard, has at the very least tied a […]

2018 Election Betting Odds

2018 Election Betting Odds are now being setup by all major online sportsbooks, and if you’re a U.S. resident, I’m writing this guide to help you find the best place to bet on the 2018 election.  2018 isn’t that far away, and both the Senate and House are poised for possible drama depending on the […]

Will Caitlyn Jenner Run For Senate In 2018?

The internet is on fire with talk that Reality Star Caitlyn Jenner may throw her hat in the ring for the 2018 Republican nomination for California’s Senate seat.  “I have considered it. I like the political side of it,” Jenner told a Los Angeles radio station on July 16th. The transgender, Trump voting, and former […]

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