Democrats Delay Impeachment Talk

When the Democrats take over the house in January 2019, they won’t immediately begin Impeachment , says the incoming House Judiciary  Chair.  In an interview with CNN on Sunday, Rep Jerry Nadler downplayed a possible impeachment.  Even in the case of possible campaign violations, Nadler wasn’t committing to anything.  What that means is that it […]

Donald Trump 2020 Betting Odds

Odds Updated 12/9/2018 Although it’s still early President Trump is thinking about 2020.  So are the vegas bookmakers. In fact, most online sportsbooks are offering Donald Trump 2020 betting odds.  whether you love or hate the current Commander-In-Chief, you can’t logically count him out in the next election. In fact, he’s the odds-on favorite to win. […]

Will Donald Trump Win The Nobel Peace Prize

The question Republicans are asking is “Will Donald Trump win the Nobel Peace Prize?” After all, he single-handedly got Kim Jung Un from North Korea that to give up his nuclear weapons.  His strength through force caused a capitulation on the Dear Leader’s part, and  President Trump should be rewarded with the Nobel Peace Prize, […]

Michael Flynn To Plead Guilty For Lying To Feds About Russian Contact

Mike Flynn got caught up in the fake news today, reportedly agreeing to plead guilty to making false statements to the FBI regarding contacts with a Russian Ambassador.  Sources are claiming this signals implied cooperation with Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russian Collusion with the 2016 Trump campaign. Ex National Security Advisor and political operative Michael […]

Is Mueller Closing In On Trump’s Inner Circle

With the latest news that General Michael Flynn’s attorneys are no longer cooperating with President Trump’s lawyers, is it possible that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is closing in on The President’s inner circle? I think it’s very possible.  And it may come sooner, rather than later. Word last week came down that Mueller already had […]

Donald Trump IQ Test Vs Rex Tillerson: Who’d score higher?

This week The President Of The United States, Donald Trump, practically challenged his Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson to an IQ Test. Despite a draw-back later in the week, it made me wonder; Would Trump or Tillerson score higher on an IQ test? View Poll Bovada Sports Book currently has set the odds at -120 […]

How To Bet On Trump Impeachment

You’ve made the decision that President Trump’s days in office are limited.  Problem is, you’re not sure how to bet on Trump Impeachment.  Many online sportsbooks don’t allow American residents to make deposits.  Of course, you could be absolutely positive that Trump will serve 8 full years and subsequently added to Mount Rushmore.  If you […]

Ladbrokes Trump Impeachment

Ladbrokes Trump Impeachment betting is not allowed for players in The United States Of America. Ladbrokes, the U.K. based betting house, is offering a ton of wagers on Donald Trump Impeachment.  There is a problem, however.  Ladbrokes does not allow U.S. Players. Top 3 Ladbrokes Trump Impeachment Betting Alternatives Website U.S. Players Political Betting Get Started […]

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