Manafort Is An Undercover Agent For Mueller

  News broke this week that Special Council Robert Mueller’s team was withdrawing from a plea deal they had reached with former Campaign Manager Paul Manafort. They are accusing Manafort of lying to investigators and siphoning information to the Trump legal team, with whom they previously had a mutual defense agreement.  The Special Council is […]

2020 Democratic Candidates

With the 2018 elections behind us, all the politicos are setting their sites on the next election.  Online betting houses are already offering props on who will be 2020 Democratic candidates.  Whether it’s names the general public will recognize, or new comers who are still flying under the radar, 2020 could be a battle royal for […]

Bet On Speaker Of The House

If you want to Bet on Speaker of the House, you’ve come to the right place.  The 2018 election will only set the stage for what could be an epic battle for Speaker of The House of Representatives.  No matter which party controls the house, a new Speaker will be named.  Betting houses all over […]

Bet On The Texas Senate Race

Some of the biggest news in the 2018 election cycle has revolved around perennial red-State Texas.  Believe it or not, the Texas Senate election is as close as its been in a generation.  Worldwide betting houses are getting into the action, and maybe even you want to bet on the Texas Senate race.  Whether you’re rooting […]

Will Donald Trump Win The Nobel Peace Prize

The question Republicans are asking is “Will Donald Trump win the Nobel Peace Prize?” After all, he single-handedly got Kim Jung Un from North Korea that to give up his nuclear weapons.  His strength through force caused a capitulation on the Dear Leader’s part, and  President Trump should be rewarded with the Nobel Peace Prize, […]

Is President Trump Killing Republican 2018 Odds?

Republican 2018 election odds in Vegas have been dropping lately, and if you ask any establishment Republican, they’ll tell you it’s all Trump’s fault, and that he’s killing Republican 2018 Odds.  Is it though? Trump can’t sign legislation that doesn’t reach his desk. The President, by any standard, has at the very least tied a […]

Michael Flynn To Plead Guilty For Lying To Feds About Russian Contact

Mike Flynn got caught up in the fake news today, reportedly agreeing to plead guilty to making false statements to the FBI regarding contacts with a Russian Ambassador.  Sources are claiming this signals implied cooperation with Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russian Collusion with the 2016 Trump campaign. Ex National Security Advisor and political operative Michael […]

Is Mueller Closing In On Trump’s Inner Circle

With the latest news that General Michael Flynn’s attorneys are no longer cooperating with President Trump’s lawyers, is it possible that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is closing in on The President’s inner circle? I think it’s very possible.  And it may come sooner, rather than later. Word last week came down that Mueller already had […]

Do Tax Cuts Help The Economy? Let’s Look At The Data

Republicans one unifying issue seems to be tax cuts.  Republicans don’t argue whether tax cuts are warranted, rather how large they should be.  They say that lower taxes will set the economy on fire, creating jobs, raising wages and eliminating any deficit.  Republicans love tax cuts.  They believe tax cuts help the economy Democrats, on the […]

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