Manafort Is An Undercover Agent For Mueller

  News broke this week that Special Council Robert Mueller’s team was withdrawing from a plea deal they had reached with former Campaign Manager Paul Manafort. They are accusing Manafort of lying to investigators and siphoning information to the Trump legal team, with whom they previously had a mutual defense agreement.  The Special Council is […]

Ladbrokes Trump Impeachment

Ladbrokes Trump Impeachment betting is not allowed for players in The United States Of America. Ladbrokes, the U.K. based betting house, is offering a ton of wagers on Donald Trump Impeachment.  There is a problem, however.  Ladbrokes does not allow U.S. Players. Top 3 Ladbrokes Trump Impeachment Betting Alternatives Website U.S. Players Political Betting Get Started […]

Could A Trump Impeachment Actually Help The Republican Party?

If the Commander-In-Chief, President Donald Trump is impeached, how would it affect the Republican Party?  On the flip-side, how would 2 full terms in office by Trump shape the G.O.P.?  When you publish a blog about Wagering on Trump’s perhaps imminent removal from office, the thought has crossed my mind a time or two. It […]

Trump Impeachment Odds

*Updated 11/28/2018 In January 2019, The Democrats will control the House of Representatives.  As a result, we’ll likely see Trump Impeachment Odds increase over the next year.  There’s a fairly good chance, we’re going to see the odds continue to increase as a Democratic lead House starts investigating President Trump. Don’t think for one minute […]

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