Manafort Is An Undercover Agent For Mueller

  News broke this week that Special Council Robert Mueller’s team was withdrawing from a plea deal they had reached with former Campaign Manager Paul Manafort. They are accusing Manafort of lying to investigators and siphoning information to the Trump legal team, with whom they previously had a mutual defense agreement.  The Special Council is […]

Is President Trump Killing Republican 2018 Odds?

Republican 2018 election odds in Vegas have been dropping lately, and if you ask any establishment Republican, they’ll tell you it’s all Trump’s fault, and that he’s killing Republican 2018 Odds.  Is it though? Trump can’t sign legislation that doesn’t reach his desk. The President, by any standard, has at the very least tied a […]

How To Bet On Trump Impeachment

You’ve made the decision that President Trump’s days in office are limited.  Problem is, you’re not sure how to bet on Trump Impeachment.  Many online sportsbooks don’t allow American residents to make deposits.  Of course, you could be absolutely positive that Trump will serve 8 full years and subsequently added to Mount Rushmore.  If you […]

Sportsbook Odds Trump Impeachment

Sportsbook odds on a Trump Impeachment are heating up.  We’ve been tracking the odds since sportsbooks started showing propositions that are Impeachment related. While odds are constantly changing, they’re only moving in one direction right now.  In fact, Trump impeachment odds crested just before his inauguration.  Ever since then, it’s been a steady movement toward […]

Trump Impeachment Odds

*Updated 11/28/2018 In January 2019, The Democrats will control the House of Representatives.  As a result, we’ll likely see Trump Impeachment Odds increase over the next year.  There’s a fairly good chance, we’re going to see the odds continue to increase as a Democratic lead House starts investigating President Trump. Don’t think for one minute […]

Allen West Lays Out His Bannon Departure Theory, And It Sends an Ominous Message For Trump’s Presidency

The one thing that Trump has managed to keep in-tact so far in his young Presidency is the conservative base.  They’ve waited patiently for the President they thought they’d hoped for to put some conservative policies in action and through Congress.  He’s given them very little to be hopeful, and with the departure of Steve […]

Betting Trump

Ever since he rode down that escalator to announce his campaign for President, everybody has been betting on Trump.  Some wagered that the reality star would burn out like a sparkler in a kids hand on the 4th of July.  Once he won the Republican primary, many people were betting that Trump would suffer a […]

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