Will Pelosi Schumer Love Fest Lead To Trump Impeachment

News broke last night that Senator Chuck Schumer and Representative Nancy Pelosi had brokered a deal with President Trump that would codify D.A.C.A. and nix the border wall.  Sources let it slip that in return, the Trump administration will get enhanced border measures that would strengthen immigration policy for those here illegally.  I’d like to […]

Why British People Are Betting On Trump’s Impeachment

Vice is a great place to learn new information from a younger person’s point of view. I describe Vice as the Frontline for the millennials.  I’ve seen them produce pieces that take on drug legalization and Libya and they’re always presenting a point of view that is at least worth listening to. In this video, […]

Sportsbook Odds Trump Impeachment

Sportsbook odds on a Trump Impeachment are heating up.  We’ve been tracking the odds since sportsbooks started showing propositions that are Impeachment related. While odds are constantly changing, they’re only moving in one direction right now.  In fact, Trump impeachment odds crested just before his inauguration.  Ever since then, it’s been a steady movement toward […]

Bet On Trump Impeachment

It is actually possible to bet on Trump Impeachment if you live in The United States.  One thing to consider before you get ready to wager on Trump’s impeachment is the odds.  Another thing to contemplate  is the possibility of future calamity.  Or a political turn-around for that matter.   Honestly the most important factor […]

Betting Trump

Ever since he rode down that escalator to announce his campaign for President, everybody has been betting on Trump.  Some wagered that the reality star would burn out like a sparkler in a kids hand on the 4th of July.  Once he won the Republican primary, many people were betting that Trump would suffer a […]

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