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Will Donald Trump Win The Nobel Peace Prize

The question Republicans are asking is “Will Donald Trump win the Nobel Peace Prize?”

After all, he single-handedly got Kim Jung Un from North Korea that to give up his nuclear weapons.  His strength through force caused a capitulation on the Dear Leader’s part, and  President Trump should be rewarded with the Nobel Peace Prize, given each year to the person (or persons) who the Nobel Committee votes as being a leader in progress toward peace in the world.

In reality, what are Donald Trump’s chances of winning the Nobel Prize for peace?  We can look at what the Vegas bookmakers think to get an idea.  Here’s the current odds sheet from Bovada, Betting President’s top recommended wagering site:

As you can see the chance of Trump winning the prize is +350, or 7/2 odds.  That means if you wager $100 that President Trump wins the Nobel Peace Prize, you’ll pocket $450 when he does (including the $100 initial wager).

Those may not be great odds for President Trump, but if you made that wager at Bovada, you’d be sitting pretty with another almost 1/2 a grand in your pocket.

As you’ll notice I’m sure the odds are not in President Trump’s favor. The Nobel committee is not exactly known for its conservative stances on issues, and Trump is even less popular in Europe, where the Nobel Committee is based.

If you think that Trump has a chance at the Nobel Peace prize, put your money where your mouth is.  Click here to get the biggest bonus and place a wager on Trump’s chances of winning the Nobel Peace Prize at bovada

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